Create your new Azure website

There is many advantage to use Azure but one of the positive aspect is to use Azure website. The Microsoft cloud indeed can help you to test, scale & deploy your own company website without too much to worry.

Let’s have a quick look at what we get.

1. Create your Azure website on the portal

The first thing we are going to do here is to create the new website.
I choose to use a gallery template for a WordPress website.

2. Configure Login details to upload/download file into website

In your Windows Azure Website please select the following:

Go on Azure management and click on Download the publish profile

You can then open Filezilla or any FTP client and browse to the host

Website is located inside the site folder.

3. Access to Database

Go on and look for your MySQL Database.

The database is actually hosted via clearDB and the Azure Portal only provide a link to it. Click on Manage Database and you will be able to see it from there.


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