The last part of the process is to deploy & review. Having a check list for yourself is something I found handy to have, you can make sure everything goes as per intended. This is also a good practice, it help to record and keep it for later.

4.1 Automation

In that setup we have decided to use fog to prepare the device with some local policies. We enroll device manually and get feature such as location, auto content uploaded to our device

4.2 Check list

I have compiled a quick check list to check and process with manual task when required. See below

Asset label put on device
sticker put on device
Insert SIM card
DELL ePSA test performed
Install Windows 1809 (current latest stable built)
Set BIOS options: USB Powershare + Advanced Battery Charge
Upgrade to latest drivers (Dell Assist & Dell Update command)
Check Device manager for any non-recognized devices & install drivers
Run Windows update
Join to Domain
Setup wifi setup
Check Windows activation
Check Region set within windows 10
Set Windows pin
Check software deployed via Chocolatey
Install Windows 10 apps if required
Log as local admin and enroll device with MDM app
Change Ownership in MDM portal
Check Power Option & lock
Set Tablet mode settings (Tablet only)
Check custom fonts are installed
Change Boot picture
MS Office signOn (Excel/Skype) + Upgrade to latest
Setup Outlook with Signature
Chrome Sign-In
Check Chrome Extensions are installed (GPO)
Set Default Apps
Change explorer view to display extension and not hidden folder
Add RemoteApps + Test with 4G
Set Lock Screen + color
Setup StartMenu & lock it
configure Storage Sense & Cleanup now
Check & Pin to taskbar print screen feature
Copy & check non-admin policy
Remove Windows Store
Clear All notifications
Generate Individual Asset Register + Welcome email

4.3 Individual asset register

While you process with handover it is important to keep a record of what has been given and get the staff member to sign.
This is really important specially for mobile devices which can be taken and used at home.

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