Firewall rule on Cyberoam box

Hey what’s up guys?
Today I’d like to show you how to setup a firewall rule so traffic can be allow trough the Cyberoam firewall

Let’s get started. First thing we will take a look is the static IP in order to target a specific computer.

1.    Setup a static IP for specific computer via MAC address

Click on Firewall>Spoof Prevention > Trusted MAC > Add


Use the Mac address we have your ipconfig /all (client computer)

2.    Create a custom services

Go to Objects > Services

Click on Add and type port numbers you need to open (the one that the application is using)


*Use semicolon to use a range

3.    Create a NAT rule

Create a new NAT rule by going on Firewall > NAT Policy

Click on Add, type the name of the application, check IP Host and type the name of computer that you previously selected for the client computer.

4.    Add the firewall rule for WAN/LAN

Now click on Firewall > Rules > WAN-LAN and setup as below (In this example we will allow IEM services to communicate WAN to LAN


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